Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions triumph through innovation at Western Australia’s flagship livestock infrastructure project in Muchea.

A project like the Muchea Livestock Sale yards by its very nature requires an innovative approach to the provision, use and management of the most valuable of resources – Water. An agricultural industrial development of this scope and scale requires commitment to design and implementation by a specialist service provider. It requires a company with not only extensive knowledge of the complex regulatory requirements and technologies available to meet them but also the range of skills and experience to see the project to completion.

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions has been able to design and implement water management technologies and process’ at the Livestock sale yards that have resulted in a net reduction in potable demand in excess of 75%. This outcome has significantly reduced the total footprint for water assets (bulk water storage) by matching supply more closely with demand and has provided water security for the development into the future through on-going technical support and maintenance services.

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions access to specialist technologies has resulted in major infrastructure projects in areas with significant environmental constraints. Nutrient, Heavy Metal and Hydrocarbon removal for storm water flows, High density greywater and blackwater reuse projects and Integrated Water Cycle Management designs for cluster residential or industrial projects all fall within Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions brief.

With offices in Perth and Sydney and operations in all states of Australia Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions have the answers to your water management questions.