Ecomax is Treating 80,000 to 100,000 visitors a year

The Botanic Gardens needed to care for every drop of water! The water quality in Stockyard Creek and the Garden’s Dam are monitored as part of their ‘Streamwatch’ activities. Their potable water falls as rain and is collected, filtered and treated with ultra violet light before use. The toilets are flushed with dam water and, when they require it, dam water is also used on garden plants. Along with all other sustainable water saving and reuse, they made a decision to install an environmentally friendly ‘Ecomax’ effluent disposal system to treat all the wastewater generated from the Cafe, public toilets and showers the estimated volume of people visiting the Botanic Gardens is expected to exceed 80,000 this year and the “ECOMAX” will be working silently in the background providing all the Botanic Gardens wastewater needs.

It was a critical decision to select the right wastewater system that could deliver the environmental advantages, require no ongoing maintenance and not require chlorine to treat the wastewater. Their decision was without a doubt the “ECOMAX” effluent disposal system, the Ecomax has provided the Botanic Gardens with all their wastewater requirements and has exceeded their expectations on performance and reliability but most of all the environmental advantages the Ecomax has delivered.

We are pleased to have the Botanic Gardens as one of our valued Ecomax clients.