Nutrient Management at the Mayfield Wetland

Late in 2008 Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions were approached by Southern Gateway Alliance to design a Storm Max filter to treat storm water and ground water as part of the wetland development at Mayfield main drain. The Storm Max system is a nutrient removing filter that has previously shown high removal rates for Phosphorous, Nitrogen and various heavy metals.

The exciting prospect of the Mayfield trials has been made possible through the commitment of the project partners who have chosen to be involved in this five year research project.

  • Main Roads WA
  • Southern Gateway Alliance
  • Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Alcoa Australia
  • Peel Harvey Catchment Council
  • Conservation Council of WA
  • Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions

An extensive independent research program designed and administered by Department of Agriculture will test removal rates for those contaminants that have a huge negative impact on receiving environments.

Storm Max technology has the potential to relieve the pressure on our native waterways through application at the sub divisional or wetland level. When incorporated into water sensitive urban design in areas with sensitive receiving catchments Nutrient loads and other groundwater pollution issues can be suitably managed.