The Reo-Drain (Patent Pending) is a new style of leach drain for disposal of wastewater via infiltration and evaporation.
It has been designed to overcome many of the problems associated with current on-site disposal methods.

Some of the advantages with this new revolutionary system include
  • The Reo-Drains simple construction method and reduced excavation size means a normal domestic installation takes only 2-3 hours
  • Light weight components are so easy to install and perfect for sites with difficult access
  • The 10 Tonne of concrete and aggregate for old style systems is reduced to 180kg for a comparable Reo-Drain system
  • The high open surface area (90% as compared to 10% for conventional systems) makes Reo-Drain much more efficient than conventional systems
  • Half the length of conventional concrete drains or gravel beds
  • Modular cells provide for more flexibility when location drains
  • No aggregate required
  • Easy Transport
  • Reduced excavation costs
  • Reduced rock breaking costs
  • Reduced requirement for fill sand