Amended Soil Effluent Systems from Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions
Ecomax is the environmentally friendly and cost efficient domestic wastewater system of choice.

As an Alternative Treatment Unit (ATU) it’s a high performance, on-site system that is fully approved by state and local health departments. ATUs are different from conventional sewage systems in that they protect you and the environment and treat waste water to a higher quality. The Ecomax is a biodegradable wastewater treatment system,so it requires little or no maintenance. In most cases it is non mechanical and driven by gravity, reducing the risk of mechanical failure. There’s an Ecomax system that will suit your block, your soil and the design of your home. Our experts will recommend the one that complements you, your family and your environment.

Ecomax: Performance Where it Counts Most
  • Reliable – less or no mechanical parts to fail
  • Effective – high levels of contaminant removal; removes up to 99.9% of phosphorous
  • Odorless
  • Hygienic – a fully biodegradable system
  • Simple – no chlorine needed
  • Safe – less contaminants entering groundwater
  • Efficient – zero discharge during dry weather
  • Sensitive – low or no greenhouse emissions
  • Innovative – Australian patent awarded – pending elsewhere
Environment Friendly, Budget Friendly, Maintenance Friendly

Ecomax systems are overwhelmingly non mechanical. They use the free power of gravity and require no electricity to run pumps and blowers. (By comparison an aerated system requires power and operates for at least 15 hours a day).

  • No need to purchase chlorine.
  • Little or no maintenance time or costs required.
  • Non mechanical systems do not require alarms for electricity failure leading to overflows.
  • Low or no electricity use.
  • Low or no greenhouse emissions.
  • Clean, recycled water for gardens and lawns. 
The Ecomax Advantage

Ecomax is a national, Quality Assured company whose domestic wastewater systems (ATUs) are fully approved by local and state health and environment departments. Already installed in 80% of Australia’s environmentally sensitive areas, Ecomax systems have been developed and refined to meet Australia’s unique conditions.

Ecomax systems are tried and tested, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing the company is the preferred supplier to respected home building companies. Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions is a member of the Master Builders’ Association (MBA), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Housing Institute of Australia (HIA) and the Australian Water Association.

Ecomax: More Flexibility for Home Builders

Because Ecomax systems are fully approved by local and state health and environmental agencies, your applications and approvals for this part of your building are likely to run smoothly.

Ecomax will prepare all the necessary documentation and plans for your application and ensure that your local planning agency receives it in good time for your building.

Ecomax provides potential for catchment discharges to be very significantly reduced, which means increased planning and development flexibility is possible due to the very low nutrient loadings delivered to catchments.

Everyone loves Ecomax!
Gardens love it because it creates lush lawns by distributing neardrinkable treated wastewater across a broad area well below ground level, nurturing your garden with safe nutrients. Shires and Councils love it because the Ecomax system is so simple and risk-free that they don’t need to inspect it as regularly to ensure it is working properly and being well maintained. Home-owners love it because its natural and generally non mechanical system beats the need for (and the cost of) electricity, pumps, blowers, chemical tablets and alarms.
Ecomax: Eco-innovation at work
Final effluent from an Ecomax cell:
  • Clear, colourless and odourless
  • Ultra low phosphorous levels (lower than can be achieved by any known practical domestic systems)
  • Low ammonia and nitrate levels
  • Nitrate and BOD levels usually meet drinking water standards 

This is undertaken by a trained professional. Depending on site conditions, an Ecomax system can be installed:

  • Below or above ground
  • On steeply sloping sites
  • In high water table areas
  • In close proximity to waterways
  • In heavy, clay or rocky soils

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