Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Another Great Initiative and Alternative The Smallest Disposal Area

The Aquamax wastewater system offers an alternative to large onsite non-environmental wastewater options by combining advanced technologies to deliver advanced secondary effluent treatment with the combined benefits of the Ecomax and an advanced secondary treatment tank – it’s a high performance, environmental on-site system that is fully approved by state and local health departments. Aquamax is different from conventional sewage and aerobic treatment systems in that they protect you and the environment and treat waste water to a higher quality with one of the smallest disposal areas compared to all other conventional disposal methods. The Aquamax is an advanced secondary wastewater treatment system that will provide the property owner a very small disposal area, high effluent treatment quality, low maintenance with very high environmental protection. There’s an Aquamax system that will suit your block no matter what size, your soil and the design of your home. Our experts will recommend the one that complements you, your site and your family together with the environment.

Aquamax: Performance Where it Counts Most
  • Reliable
  • Effective – high levels of contaminant removal; removes up to 99.9% of phosphorous
  • Odourless
  • Hygienic
  • Simple
  • Safe – less contaminants entering groundwater
Environment Friendly, Budget Friendly, Maintenance Friendly

Aquamax systems are overwhelmingly environmentally friendly, low maintenance, low power consumption, requires small disposal areas and are extremely price competitive compared to other non-environmentally friendly wastewater treatment options.

  • Low maintenance time.
  • Low electricity use.
  • Low greenhouse emissions.
  • Clean, recycled water for gardens and lawns.
The Aquamax Advantage

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions Pty Ltd is a national company whose domestic and commercial wastewater system are fully approved by local and state health and environment departments. Already installed in 80% of Australia’s environmentally sensitive areas, Aquamax systems have been developed and refined to meet Australia’s unique conditions.

Aquamax systems are tried and tested, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing the company is the preferred supplier to respected home building companies, many councils and shires throughout Australia.

Aquamax: More Flexibility for Home Builders

Because Aquamax systems are fully approved by local and state health and environmental agencies including Water NSW, your applications and approvals for this part of your building are likely to run smoothly.

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions will prepare all the necessary documentation and plans for your application.

Aquamax provides significantly reduced potential for catchment discharges, which means increased planning and development flexibility is possible due to the very low nutrient loadings delivered to catchments.

Everyone loves Aquamax!

Gardens love it because it creates lush lawns by distributing treated wastewater across a small area well below soil level, nurturing your garden with safe nutrients.

Shires / Councils, developers, home owners love it because the Aquamax system provides a small disposal area that can be positioned on small difficult restrictive sites, offers one of the smallest disposal areas compared to trenches, subsoil irrigation, provides an environmentally sustainable alternative for sites with shallow soils or close to drainage easements or catchments.

Home-owners love it because they have more usable land and know they are protecting the environment at the same time.

Aquamax: Single Cell (Evapotranspiration mound)

All Aquamax Installations are undertaken by trained professionals accredited by Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions, it’s a turnkey installation that includes the tanks, disposal area inclusive. Depending on site and soil conditions, an Aquamax system can be installed:

  • Below or above ground
  • On steeply sloping sites
  • In high water table areas
  • In close proximity to waterways
  • In heavy, clay or rocky soils

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